Quick start guide

Register an account, then get started with Soveren:

  1. Add the Soveren token to your Kubernetes cluster.

    Go to your Soveren account settings, find and copy your Soveren token, and run:

    kubectl create secret generic soveren-proxy-token --from-literal=token=<soveren-token-from-your-account-on-soveren.io>


    Currently, Soveren only supports Kubernetes deployments. For other deployment options, contact us at support@soveren.io

  2. Apply the Soveren gateway manifest and configmap:

    kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/soverenio/deployment/master/gateway/kubernetes/install.yaml -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/soverenio/deployment/master/gateway/kubernetes/replicator-configmap.yaml
  3. Сonfigure Soveren gateway to proxy the traffic for your services.

    Edit the replicator configmap and set the url parameter in the section services to point to your service:

    kubectl edit cm replicator

    replicator configmap example:

    # Add the service
            - url: http://address-of-your-service:port/


    Soveren gateway is based on Traefik. Refer to the Traefik docs if you need more routing options.

  4. Configure your services to route traffic to Soveren gateway.


    Refer to the deployment scheme for more details on how the deployment is structured.

  5. That’s it! Go to the dashboards and start getting insights.