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Updating Soveren

Soveren gateway

Soveren cloud supports older versions of the gateway, so you can update the gateway at your own pace.

Versions of Soveren gateway components are explicitly stated in the manifest file, with no background auto-updates.

In case of a major cloud update that requires the latest gateway version, we will inform you well ahead so you can plan for it.

To update Soveren gateway, apply the Soveren gateway manifest:

kubectl apply -f

To update Soveren gateway:

  1. If you deployed Soveren with Docker Compose, you still have the configuration repo cloned and changed locally to run it.

    Switch to the repo and pull the latest manifest update:

    git pull
  2. Apply the Soveren gateway manifest update running the command below in the compose repo folder:

    docker-compose up -d

Soveren cloud

Soveren cloud is managed by the Soveren team and doesn't require updates from the user.

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